Free Half Day Entrepreneurship Course for Youth Aged 16 To 25 – BUSINESS ME YOUNG

Come attend BUSINESS ME YOUNG, a half day entrepreneurship course for 16 to 25 year olds interested in entrepreneurship and struggling to get started.

It takes place on the 17th of June 2017 at the Standard Bank Incubator in Rosebank – Johannesburg. It is created and hosted by Tiisetso Maloma, who’s an entrepreneur and author of books such as The Anxious Entrepreneur and Forget the Business Plan Use this Short Model.

It is free for 16 to 25 year olds. Visit Quicket to RSVP. If you are above 25 years and would like to attend, the charge is a copy of Tiisetso’s book – The Anxious Entrepreneur, at R250.

The course will comprehensively answer problems young aspiring entrepreneurs face. They struggle with how to start and execute their business ideas. They think they need massive funds and resources, and which they do not have. Unfortunately, the entrepreneurial education out there for the youth is merely buying and selling. It doesn’t prepare them for their business ambitious which are usually unconventional.

The course consists of two parts.

PART 1: Learning entrepreneurship through stories

Part one of the course carried with stories, aims to comprehensively teach and prepare youth with acumen to creatively and swiftly execute their entrepreneurship ventures and ambitions.

Tiisetso Maloma has been an entrepreneur for 10 years and has been blogging about it for 8 years. He has a lot of stories and experiences – of failure and success – that easily explain crucial entrepreneurship concepts. His famous stories include: ‘Dating advice that can save your business’, ‘Two lessons from how township businesses start and grow’ and ‘How I overcame being a bad networker.’

PART 2: Using the stories learned to create a business model

Part two of the course will introduce the attendants to business modelling through the EBC Business Model Canvas that Maloma created in 2013. It makes entrepreneurship uncomplicated and efficient to understand manage. A business model, in short, is the working intelligence of operating a business to success.

The EBC Model has six components, which are: (a) creating competing, efficient and buyable products; (b) marketing those products through effective tactics to marked targets; (c) distributing them in a way efficient to customers; (d) bootstrapping cash flow for growth; (e) deciding effectively to give way for progress; and (f) being relentless.

Other outcomes of the course include:

  • Determining possible customers
  • Marketing activities to prioritize on
  • Attracting possible customers, acquiring them and maintaining them
  • Building internal public relations strategy
  • Diagnosing business model weakness
  • Testing if a product is buyable before releasing it and before investing a lot of capital


Tiisetso Maloma is an entrepreneur, creator of the EBC Business Model, contributor in outlets such as the Huffington Post and Biz Community, and is an author of four books: The Anxious Entrepreneur, Forget the Business Plan Use this Short Model, Township Biz Fastrack and Tales of an African Entrepreneur.

He is a versed writer, speaker and expert on entrepreneurship, creativity, millennial business development and development economics. He’s written for Huffington Post, Biz Community, Under 30 CEO (USA), Destiny Man, How We Made It in Africa, Business Report, NSBC and many others. He has featured on platforms such as The Creative Life Podcast (UK), Creative Warriors Podcast (USA), CNBC Africa, Power FM, SAFM and many others.

He has started ventures in clothing, publishing, tech and entertainment. Some of the ventures he founded are, Startup Picnic, eKhayaMoji and formerly gabble heights Clothing.

As an entrepreneurship activist, he’s worked with organisations such as The Innovation Hub, The Hope Factory and Ndalo Media (creating a business proposacourse for Mentor Feed).


Date: 17 June 2017, Saturday.

Venue: Standard Bank Incubator – Rosebank Johannesburg, 5 Cradock Avenue.

Times: Arrival and registration from 9am, workshop starts 10am and runs until 2pm (don’t be late).

Mode of transport: The venue is few metres from the Rosebank Gautrain Station, and is also accessible by taxi.

RSVP: Quicket.

Host website and more info:


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