The Gonorrhoea Theory of Discovering Greatness and Turing Failure into Luck

Below is heartfelt text by a young entrepreneur I believe much in, Mpumi Mtinso, founder of Book a Bicycle operating out in Soweto Vilakazi Street – visiting places such as The Hector Pieterson Museum, Soweto Brewery and Nelson Mandela’s house. To add a pun you shouldn’t excuse, literary if you bring books to them, you will get a discount on a bicycle ride. But I like his creative sarcasm more.

Here is the text:

“A couple weeks before this picture was taken, I was lost and desperate. Every entrepreneur hits a phase in life where they want to give up their dream and give in to a 9-5. So I applied for a job at a ‘creative mag’ and got called in for an interview. Awesome! Didn’t tell any of my family or friends, just my nigga Thulane of Book of Swag because I needed directions, hahaha.

At the interview I was asked where do I see myself in 5 years. My response was, ‘if not at a higher position at this magazine, I see myself, FRONT ROW SEAT MEDIA & BOOK A BICYCLE taking over the world.’ After my this response, one of the ladies interviewing me was impressed and ready to hire a Guluva and the other lady kept saying but your 5 year plan means you going to leave us. Which in my head she was implying that I won’t be getting any promotion in the next coming 5 years. The following day the ladies call me to tell me

I didn’t get the job. Cool. After the call I came back to my senses.

Applied my all to BOOK A BICYCLE and I scored myself a live in studio interview at 5FM.I spoke about BOOK A BICYCLE and other things.

The next week, I’m jamming to 5FM and I hear the same ladies that rejected me at their mag, getting interviewed on the same show as me.

Point of this story is, rejection don’t mean you useless or not worthy. Rejection should open yours eyes to other opportunities. Or like me bring you back to your senses.

O.M.G can’t believe you read this whole story Hahaha.

Go out there and conquer.

The war isn’t over, but lil victories shall be celebrated.”

I would not have written The Anxious Entrepreneur had I not experienced consistent failure and thus pain, extreme anxiety and sometimes depression. Literally I would not have discovered my theory that ‘anxiety defeats creativity and creativity defeats anxiety.’ I would not have had the content and stories to trace the theory to.

Most great discoveries were uncovered by people on the move. The books I’ve written were because I was on the move.

Listerine, yes the mouthwash, started out as a cure for Gonorrhoea. Those who created it were on the move trying to make a cure for gonorrhoea and then bumped into that it is good antiseptic mouth wash. But how though, how did anyone think of putting it in their mouth – geez?

Did you hear that scientists are struggling to keep up with cures for gonorrhoea

Twitter started out as Odeo. They created an internal communication tool, then they dropped the business of Odeo and turned this tool into the new business – which is now Twitter.

They also were on the move when they discovered this which now is Twitter.

I hate how I am going to sound below – preachy. But it is an area I am authority in. Other things such as love – I suck at. Most of the regrets I hold are about women I let get away. Anyway, there are sufficient preachy articles targeted at me and those like me on the subject of love.

Most people fail involuntarily. They fail to pursue that which they really want to do.

It is not wrong if your current employment is the deliberate thing you want to do. It is awesome in that case.

If your job isn’t the thing you really want, I’m not saying leave your job without a plan. I’m saying on top of your job, pursue that something deliberate. Any excuse to not pursue that which you love is that – an excuse.

– –

Most great and meaningful discoveries are voluntarily enlisted accidents.

Twitter wouldn’t have been found had the guys not been deliberate in doing the business they did before. Discoveries are found while on the move – while doing something.

All I am saying is pursue something deliberate, that which is what you want to do.

That little fairytale of ‘there is something unique’ about you isn’t true if you sit on your ass and do nothing.

Go out and find a cure for gonorrhoea; it might just be the next mouthwash.