You Need to Get These Books for Entrepreneurs in Your Organisation – Presenting Tiisetso Maloma’s Entrepreneurship Books

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You want the entrepreneurs in your organisation to succeed. You go out of your way to provide resources and people to help them.

I encourage you to purchase any or all of my four books for them.

Tiisetso Maloma’s Books (bundle discount of 25% if ordering 10+ copies per book)

The type of stories my books tell often are not shared in the mainstream of advocating for, and accelerating, entrepreneurship.

I am one of the most anxious people out there and I’ve learned various ways of defusing this anxiety and maximizing my productivity. This is in my fourth book The Anxious Entrepreneur: Anxiety Defeats Creativity – Creativity Defeats Anxiety.

I became disillusioned with business plans because of their rigidity and tediousness, so I devised a short and easy model to use instead, called EBC (Essential Business Components). It became the book Forget the Business Plan Use This Short Model.

I knew that, how township businesses are started and grown, provide the best and most fascinating blueprint of lessons on starting an entrepreneurship venture; these are techniques any good start-up in the world employs to find traction and growth. I wrote a simple dissertation which became the book Township Biz Fastrack.

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Tiisetso Maloma’s Background

Tiisetso Maloma has been an entrepreneur for 10 years in various industries. As an entrepreneurship developer, he’s worked with great organisations such as Standard Bank, The Innovation Hub, The Hope Factory and Ndalo Media.

Tiisetso is a versed consultant, writer and speaker on entrepreneurship, creativity, millennial business development and development economics.

He’s written for Huffington Post, Biz Community, Under 30 CEO (USA), Destiny Man, How We Made It in Africa, Business Report, NSBC and many others. He has featured on platforms such as The Creative Life Podcast (UK), Creative Warriors Podcast (USA), CNBC Africa, Power FM and SAFM.

He is the creator of the EBC Business Model Checklist and Canvas and Business Me Young.

He is the founder of the networking platforms – Startup Picnic and Biz Cinema.

Some of the ventures he founded are, Startup Picnic, eKhayaMoji and formerly gabble heights Clothing.


 “Having Tiisetso Maloma speak at the 7th annual Anglo American ESD Conference was an insightful delve into entrepreneurship for delegates. He was able to get his philosophies and theories across very pragmatically and this massively assisted us in having truly valuable final outputs. At the same time the delegates learnt to look at entrepreneurship from a new vantage point. Anyone having an entrepreneurship event should look to have Tiisetso speak – it is highly valuable” Sizwe Zim, Content Director – Enterprise & Supplier Development Conference

“Writing a book is not an easy task for even the most seasoned writers. Tiisetso Maloma has written four! Four books written with heart, experience and invaluable knowledge from the journey of entrepreneurship. The best part about Tiisetso as an author and speaker is his honesty, ability to connect with an audience and share experiences many youth and business people can draw from. Tiisetso is inspirational, confident yet humble and knowledgeable. The best part about working with Tiisetso is his commitment, professionalism, and engaging personality. Tiisetso is a treasurer in the field of entrepreneurship in South Africa!” Nthabeleng Mmako, Unisa – Section Head: Entrepreneurship

“Tiisetso is a phenomenal public speaker. He can draw from a deep sea of authentic own experiences and vividly synthesize adequately for his audience. I heard him successfully addressing a group of young unemployed South Africans to motivate them starting their first own business.” Maximilian Matschke, German management consultant and researcher on youth employment

 “Thank you once again for the workshop. All in all it was a success. The knowledge you imparted onto me is already being implemented in my life and my business. I’ll forever be grateful. The message and the knowledge you showed was wonderful, definitely showcasing the experience you have in the industry.” Swesha Machere, 

 “The session was greatly beneficial Sir, it highlighted some of the critical mistakes we make as amateur entrepreneurs?, and gave insight on how we can start with the little we have.Thank you, looking forward to future events.” Tokelo Hlagala

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