AI is Overhyped, Human-Created Products Still and Will Matter, Solving Unemployment | “90 Days to Create & Launch” book

I’ve been thinking a lot about the excitement around artificial intelligence (AI). You’ve likely heard the discussions about AI taking over everything and replacing human jobs. But that’s not the whole truth.

I’m here to present two significant insights from my new book titled “90 Days to Create & Launch.”

First, AI will actively collaborate with humans to simplify the creation of products. Secondly, the current advancement in technology, often referred to as the 4th/5th Industrial Revolution, makes it easier, cheaper, and faster to generate jobs and address unemployment challenges. AI and this new technology should stimulate people to think creatively and generate fresh ideas. This is why the book is named “It’s the Easiest, Cheapest and Quickest Time in History to be an Entrepreneur and Innovator.”

In South Africa, many young people are facing difficulties in finding jobs – approximately 46.5% of them. Furthermore, in the first part of 2023, roughly 32.9% of the entire population in the country lacks employment. This is a significant issue that requires resolution.

Fortunately, both AI and current technology can provide solutions, particularly for young people. These tools greatly simplify the process of generating new ideas and creating new products. Young people can step up and become entrepreneurs by developing innovative products. For instance, you can design furniture at no cost by describing it in words. If you think about the words for a wooden chair design, you can use specialized apps like DALL-E to create visual representations of the chair.

You can refine your worded instructions until you achieve the desired chair design. Afterwards, you can show the picture to someone who can produce a 3D version of the chair. This 3D model serves as a guide for the person who will craft and assemble the chair. Even with the involvement of AI, human input remains crucial in designing and assembling the design. People’s creativity and skills remain integral.

You can find 3D rendering designers for this on websites like for less than R1000, eliminating the need for expert design skills. AI simplifies furniture design by interpreting text inputs. This accessible approach is open to anyone.

After creating the prototype chair, take pictures of it, share it (marketing), and begin taking orders. Through this process, you’ve created an opportunity for yourself and possibly for a friend skilled in woodworking.

You can even learn furniture-making through YouTube videos. Thanks to AI and current technology, becoming a creator of new things is more affordable, straightforward, and swift.

The book “90 Days to Create & Launch” serves as a guide, leading you in turning your innovative idea into reality. Within just 90 days, your concept can come to life. I offer valuable tips to help you take action and conquer any doubts you may have.

Technology has transformed the way we manufacture items, making the process easier than ever before. You can establish an online store in just 48 hours using platforms like Shopify to sell your furniture. In fact, you don’t even need a website for your initial product. Social media platforms like Facebook are sufficient. Advertising there can be as affordable as R10 a day.

If the chair you’ve created doesn’t sell, you can try making a different one the following week or month. This approach is significantly easier and less expensive compared to two decades ago. In the past, substantial funds were required to learn chair design and hire website designers. Today, the cost of creating most things is much lower.

Having been involved in producing over 100 products throughout my career, I understand how technology has simplified innovation and product creation.

You can locate this book (“90 Days to Create & Launch”) on Amazon, my website (if you’re in South Africa),, or in South African bookstores like Bargain Books, Exclusive Books, Protea, and others.

I’ve also released another book titled “Innovate Like Elon Musk,” which is available in bookstores as well.

Let’s collaborate to make things happen!