Tesla’s amazing technological features

These snippets come from my book “Innovate Like Elon Musk.” It’s available on Amazonmy webstore (if you’re in South Africa), Takelot.com, or in South African bookstores (Bargain Books, Exclusive Books, Protea, etc.)

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Here are some interesting, peculiar, and innovative features that Tesla vehicles come with.

Dog mode

Tesla Dog Mode is a feature that keeps the car at a comfortable temperature for pets left inside while the owner is away. It displays a message on the touchscreen indicating the pet’s safety and prevents the car from automatically turning off. It helps ensure the well-being of pets and provides reassurance to passersby.

Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode

Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode is a feature in Tesla vehicles that activates a highly efficient air filtration system. It is designed to protect occupants from harmful pollutants, including biological contaminants and toxins, providing high air quality inside the car.

Tesla Caraoke

Tesla Caraoke is a feature that allows Tesla drivers and passengers to sing along to their favorite songs while driving. It provides an interactive and enjoyable in-car karaoke experience with a library of songs and on-screen lyrics displayed on the touchscreen.