Why a “dummy” like Joe Rogan should get into the alcohol business

Courtesy of Spotify – Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of my favourite podcasts in the world. His guests Gad Saad (evolutionary psychologist) and Joseph E. LeDoux (neuroscientist) inspired my 7th book Innovate The Next: Success Frameworks to Innovating Products in Any Revolution.’

Joe Rogan is a billionaire (another article I wrote).

He often says he is a “dummy” on several matters, business being one of them.

Well, maybe or maybe not. Who knows!!

I wrote this article in 2020 (of course now edited) to elaborate a business analysis framework I call ‘convenience metrical interest/advantage of products.’

It is intertwined with ‘why Joe Rogan should establish a liquor brand.’

Now it is 2022 and in a recent episode with Jim Gaffigan, he revealed that he would love to establish a whiskey brand as he enjoys it.

Here we go.

Joe Rogan should start this damn whiskey brand.

Why? Because liquor has a higher ‘Convenience Metrical Interest or Advantage’

  • In the book Township Biz Adjacent I define a product with a Spaza Metrical Interest or Advantage, as a product that is more often a B2C (Business to Consumer) and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) product than a B2B (Business to Business) product – and one that has an advantage over other products in that it has more than one demographic, as well as intervallic interests and uses.
  • An alcohol brand is that. It is consumed every day and intensively on weekends. Perhaps 8 in 10 people in front of you drink it (unless you are at an AA meeting (I apologise for this joke).
  • It is one recipe reproduced over and over again and sold continually as long as there is demand.
  • He will not get involved in the logistics of manufacturing and transportation. They can be outsourced. I am sure he would do it with an existing spirits company with all in place (of course).
  • This is just like he doesn’t get involved with management wise with his supplements business Onnit – which he co-founded with Aubrey Marcus.
  • E.g. unlike supplements, liquor is not a niche product (unless it is premium stuff). Even though supplements are a niche product (however it is changing), Aubrey Marcus has made Onnit a multimillion value company.
  • Unlike a clothing company – he owns Higher Primate – which needs constant new designs, an alcohol brand is one recipe, bottle and artwork reproduced over and over again (however many times it is demanded).
  • Liquor is small and agile. It can be sold in physical stores or online.

Further example: A roll-on has a higher ‘Convenience Metrical Interest or Advantage’

A roll-on deodorant has various demographic and intervallic interests that give it more frequent use and repurchase advantage than perhaps many other products.

  • At any given time, ten out of ten people use it out of necessity and need it daily.
  • Thus they buy it at least once a month to sustain its daily use.
  • e.g. Its production is cheaper and quicker to implement, than say, a brick and mortar business.
  • It is small and agile. It can be sold in physical stores, online, on the streets, at markets, or in whichever way it can reach customers.
  • If retailers or wholesalers say “no” to selling yours, you can easily sell it on your own, without hustle.

To illustrate further, let’s compare roll-on with a book

  • Roll-on is different from a book in that its use and purchase is intervallic and repetitive.
  • Whereas a book is bought once, read, possibly read again and then shelved once you are done, or maybe it’s even given away.
  • Chances are rare that you will buy that same book again, and you will not buy it monthly like you would a roll-on.
  • It is with these advantages shown regarding roll-on, that I say it has better metrical interests or advantages than a book.

A liquor brand, like a roll-on, has high Convenience Metrical Interest or Advantage.

So, Mr Joe Rogan should go on and start it (it be started for him is more correct).

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