Some Antifragile insults – Nassim Taleb’s hilarity in the Incerto books series

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I love Nassim Taleb’s books.

Well, we are here on another note.

Below are certain quotes we all (yes you) find hilarious and funny, from his Incerto book series (the likes of Antifragile and Skin in The Game).

N.B. I love some of the people he insults (make fun of).

These quotes below are out of context (perhaps)– but within the context of humour.

Since say comedians say they love the ones they roast, I guess love it also when the ones I love are roasted.

Antifragile book

“Add neurosomething to a field, and suddenly it rises in respectability…”

“… leave that to the primitive brand of contemporary thinkers and philosophasters with scientistic tendencies.”

“One politician of the primitive kind, Hillary Clinton, went so far as to claim that critics of the usefulness of mammograms were killing women.”

“Modern happiness researchers (who usually look quite unhappy), often psychologists turned economists (or vice versa), do not use nonlinearities and convexity effects when they lecture us about happiness…”

“George Washington, too, went to battle, unlike Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, who played video games while threatening the lives of others.”

“I got nauseous in Davos making eye contact with the fragilista journalist Thomas Friedman…”

“Champagne socialism”

“(business schools are more like acting schools).”

“Each of us certainly knows not only what makes us unhappy (for instance, copy editors, commuting, bad odors, pain, the sight of a certain magazine in a waiting room, etc.), but what to do about it.”

“Unlike dilettantes, career professionals are to knowledge what prostitutes are to love.”

Skin in The Game book

“… I find it commendable that people publish their original, nonmathematical work in social science in book format.”

“… people you understand most easily were necessarily the bull***tters.”

“You can tell if a discipline is BS if the degree depends severely on the prestige of the school granting it. I remember when I applied to MBA programs being told that anything outside the top ten or twenty would be a waste of time.”

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More coming!!