Book – 90 Days to Create & Launch: It is the Easiest, Cheapest and Quickest Time in History to be an Entrepreneur and Innovator, By Tiisetso Maloma

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A lot of people do not see that it is the easiest, cheapest and quickest time in history to be an innovator and entrepreneur. Advancements in technology make it so.

But, you don’t have to be a lot of people, you can join a  new class of entrepreneurs who take advantage of the possibilities of creating their own products and brands.

There are massive product-creation opportunities that are missed today.

These product opportunities are enabled by where innovation has progressed to. This book will help you to see it, understand it and take advantage of this progression.

You can start within a week of reading this book to create one of your dream products.

This book is an essential guide on how to do it and do it quicker, simpler and easier – within this book’s 90 days to create and launch framework.

When you see where innovation has progressed and evolved, you will easily see how to innovate, and what you can innovate for yourself entrepreneurially.

Some are easier, some are hard. You can endure. Your newly gained insights from this book, as well as interests, needs and passions, will guide you.

This book will help do away with your limiting mindsets and false narratives inherited from the common world.

Think of this book as an applied and mental toolbox to apply in order to innovate, create and launch a product quicker, simpler and cheaper.

Following this book’s recommendations will guarantee that you are able to join this new league of product and brand creators.

This book’s concepts are not biblical commandments but a set of proven tactics that have worked to produce products for this era.

The author believes it is the greatest time to be alive and this greatness is executable now.

This book also contains a guide on how to make products in foreign countries that offer ease and the lowest affordable costs (China and other manufacturing countries).