My name is Tiisetso Maloma. I am a South African entrepreneur, product creation expert, author of 7 books, innovation scholar and hobbyist DJ.

In the last 12 years, I’ve co-created and launched over 100 products in different industries – and we’ve sold thousands of them.

We self-funded mostly and learned to create them in a quicker period.

I love creating products. I also love teaching and consulting on this.

My other love is studying innovation from an evolutionary lens. I’ve produced two books on the topic: ‘Innovate The Next: Success Frameworks to Innovating Products in Any Revolution: ’ and ‘Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution.’

My other books include The Anxious Entrepreneur, Forget the Business Plan Use this Short Model and Township Biz Fastrack.

My upcoming book is entitled ‘Money is Biological.’ It trails how biology has had the action potential to enable money since 3.8 billion years ago. It follows human’s inventive brain from millions of years ago.

It further looks into the future of money given today’s newer currencies such as decentralised money like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The book marries biology, economics, entrepreneurship, archaeology, anthropology and linguistics.


I’ve consulted to various companies and organisations.

I’ve spoken at various events and given guest lectures at business schools such as Wits Business School and Johannesburg Business School.

My areas of expertise are:

  • How to create and launch products in a shorter time. I teach an accelerator course titled ‘Create and Launch a Product in 90 Days.’
  • Innovation: How to innovate into the future using evolutionary thinking
  • Township economy


Some of the organisations I’ve worked with include Standard Bank, The Innovation Hub, Sappi, ABSA, The Hope Factory, SOS Children’s Village, Transnet and City of Tshwane.


I’m thankful to a lot of media outlets for allowing me to broadcast my message consistently.

I’ve featured on CNBC Africa, Business Report, How We Made It In Africa, The Huffington Post, Under 30 CEO, Biz Community, Destiny Man and many others.


I’ve co-created and launched over 100 products in various industries such as publishing, tech, clothing and events.

My founded/co-founded businesses include Bula Buka, Startup Picnic, Gabble Heights Clothing, eKhaya Moji and Defuse Anxiety.



I’ve been one of the foremost bloggers of entrepreneurship content for the last 10 years here in South Africa.

Visit my blog (and subscribe to join my community): www.tiisetsomaloma.co.za.

I often deviate and write about music, comedy and whatever topic I fancy.