Tiisetso Maloma studies and teaches innovation and entrepreneurship from an evolutionary perspective.

He has authored 7 books and is an award-winning entrepreneur with over 100 products created.

His two latest books are ‘Innovate The Next and ‘Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution.’

Maloma has delivered tailored talks and masterclasses to business executives, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovation managers.

He has guest lectured at business schools such as Wits Business School and Johannesburg Business School.

Tiisetso’s topics explore and marry diverse domains such as innovation, entrepreneurship, anthropology, complexity, creativity, biology, evolutionary psychology and economics.

This is with the view to help businesses get a leading understanding of innovation to foster the creation of innovative products.

Tiisetso’s client list includes Standard Bank, The Innovation Hub, Sappi, ABSA, The Hope Factory and Transnet.

He has featured on CNBC Africa, How We Made It In Africa, The Huffington Post, Under 30 CEO and, Destiny Man.

His other books include The Anxious Entrepreneur, Forget the Business Plan Use this Short Modeland Township Biz Fastrack.

Startups and businesses

In the last 13 years, he has created, co-created, and launched over 100 products in industries such as publishing, tech, clothing and events.

Tiisetso’s founded or co-founded businesses include Bula Buka, Startup Picnic, Gabble Heights Clothing, eKhaya Moji, Defuse Anxiety and PsychHero Consulting.

He is a director at Atimeme App.

Business thinking

He has developed business thinking models and frameworks such as:


Tiisetso has been the foremost blogger of entrepreneurship content for the last 13 years in South Africa, through his blog www.tiisetsomaloma.co.za.

He often deviates from writing about innovation and entrepreneurship to writing about music, comedy and whatever topic he fancies.


Tiisetso was born and bred in Ga-Sekhukhune, Limpopo. His entrepreneurial interest as a kid was inspired by his paternal family – who are business people – and allowed by his maternal grandmother – who would let him use her yard to plough vegetables.

Armed with a natural doer’s urge, he went on to venture into most of his interests by age 30. He’s been an accountant, DJ, clothing designer, author, talent manager, publisher, book editor, graphic and web designer and often forced to multi-talent in his ventures, e.g. a photographer or model for his clothing businesses.


Speaking (masterclasses, keynote address)

  • Tackling entrepreneurship in South Africa
  • Understanding innovation and entrepreneurship through an evolutionary perspective
  • Tackling intrapreneurship to grow innovation and create jobs
  • Township Entrepreneurship: Innovative solutions and taking advantage of the billion Rands township economy (Tiisetso Maloma authored Township Biz Fastrack and Township Biz Adjacent)
  • Understanding Industrial Revolutions

Packaged workshops

  • Business Me Young: Elaborate stories of understanding entrepreneurship (tailored for 16 years plus youth)
  • Business Me 101: Elaborate stories of understanding entrepreneurship (tailored for anyone)


Please have a conversation with us on the following areas:

  • Product development/creation (per the EBC Business Model components: Product, Marketing, Distribution and Cash Flow)
  • Tackling entrepreneurship development (rural, townships and urban)
  • Intrapreneurship implementation and product idea execution
  • General entrepreneurship coaching (one on one sessions)
  • Innovation and Industrial Revolutions
  • Business planning through an evolutionary lens (hear what an evolutionary lens says about your business planning)

Writing services

  • Technical writing
  • Speech writing

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