Book – Money is Biological: Exploring Money’s Emergence, Evolution, Innovation and Future

“Money Is Biological” gives frameworks for understanding money as a biological construct and thus explores the evolution of money through an evolutionary lens.

It makes the argument that money is a biological construct in as much as a chair or an aeroplane are innovated by humans with their unique biological psychology – and also chairs and aeroplanes being biological constructs.

As much as a chair or an aeroplane has a utility for humans, money plays its part as a utility and solves fascinating biological problems presented by man’s biological ingenuity of inventing into multiplicity.

The fascinating problems entail men’s psycho-biological ability to innovate diverse utilities progressively, accumulatively and oftentimes of novelty – and money becoming the emergent solution to trading of those innovations.

“Money is Biological” trails how biology had the action potential to enable money since over 3.8 billion years ago.

It attends to the evolution of neurons and the Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord).

It trails the human brain metaphoring in different directions: creating spears, chairs, aeroplanes, internet, romantic love, marriage, loving ice cream, and, all other physical, virtual, social or cultural innovations.

“Money is Biological” illustrates money as a solution to the biological problem of the brain’s active inclination to innovate and create diverse products: It is a medium of exchanging these innovations – a liquid innovation that can finance and purchase them; and it stores value even if arbitrarily. It further goes into the future of money and given today’s evolved currencies such as decentralized currencies like Bitcoin.