Like Napoleon Hill’s Sexual Transmutation, you can also transmute exercise pain into continuous glory: Pain Transmutation

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“No, generally I think influence is used as a nice word for plagiarism” – Gilbert Gottfried.

In this post I am jacking Napoleon Hill and Lewis Howes’ ideas and affirming to my own little experience.

I’ve had this article as draft for over a year now. Several times it went into my ‘to delete’ folder, but it becomes truer and truer. So I had to revive it and publish it.

I often hear Lewis Howes – podcaster, lifestyle entrepreneur and author of ‘The School of Greatness’ – say that one of the reasons he jogs is to build his pain threshold. He says this helps him withstand other pains, e.g. anguish in business.

Napoleon Hill talks of sexual transmutation – in his classic book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. He says:

“Sex transmutation is simple and easily explained. It means the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature.”

He refers using sexual urges as stimuli to perform other productive and creative activities. No, Napoleon didn’t hate sex, he was just…

Lewis and ancestor Hill are both talking of transmuting energies, one from the pain of jogging and the other from sexual urges, into whatever it is your hustles are about. In my case it is writing, entrepreneurship and researching things I am interested in. This is powerful.

Never have I been jogging and as I am recounting my challenges versus aspirations – thought I will be defeated.

This is because I am out there, deliberately beating my chest and legs. I feel I can beat anything.

I believe I have and do transmute the enduring of this pain I deliberately withstand and conquer, into other areas I endeavour. I know this. Jogging does it for me.

This is why Lewis is encouraging of building a pain threshold by deliberately and habitually experiencing pain.

Exercise, any form of physical exercise, is a good way to achieve this. For some it could be playing tennis, swimming or soccer. It is better if it something you get to do three or more days in the week.

I guess this is also where the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ applies.

I have observed that if I do not jog for two weeks, I become edgy, moody and temperamental.

Quick points:

  • One of the hidden tricks of life is that habitual body exercises charge up other pursued aspirations, even if they are not physical.
  • If I can endure pain in one area, then I can in another.

– –

Let me say something quick. Ashford & Simpson, the American music duo and husband and wife, of course Mr Ashford is now late. Their music has ecstasy – romantic and sexual.

Not even listening to the context of the lyrics, the bass and drums and rhythm of the singing evokes a wish for your significant other to be in the vicinity of your warm reach.

Music is indeed a universal language.

Maybe this is the sexual transmutation Mr Napoleon Hill was talking about. Ashford & Simpson transmuted their love and sexual energy to making great music with ecstasy.