The attitude that let apartheid persist still prevails

17 years into the so called democracy; a lot has been done but more is still not done. Poverty and unemployment are scourges that still thug our society.

Of recent was the successful economic freedom march which travelled from Johannesburg CBD, to Sandton then finally Pretoria. A distance of approximately 60km travelled over 24 hours straight. Young man and women; mostly unemployed; took part in the march.


The funn y part

There were (as always) definitely those who did not support the initiative; and they voiced it out. I can safely say it’s the employed. Its funny how people with jobs would have these anti unemployment-march sentiments. But none the less it’s expected.

So if the employed (some of course) say a march wont solve unemployment; they should give us solutions.

Some unions went as far as saying that a one night stand march won’t solve unemployment and that a long term solution is needed.

My question is; why now do we need a long term solution. What were we (they) doing in last 5 years if only now we need a long term solution?


 “The only necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” –

Lets go back to 1994; apartheid. Let’s be hypothetic here. Let us say 90 % of white people were against apartheid. I’m sure it’s not a far fetched percentage. Let us again say 90% of white people were against the group areas act of 1950 and the native land act of 1913.

So now if at all stages of the acts mentioned above; the 90% were in disfavour; what did they do about it? Nothing is a very safe answer.

“The only necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. This is such a relevant quote. White people were comfortable during apartheid. That is why it wasn’t a priority for them to fight apartheid. In 2011; a lot of black people are among the middle class. They are comfortable as white people where prior 1994. This black people are among the new 90% that sees wrong but does nothing.

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