Starting the organisation AFRI BIZ CULTURE

AFRIBIZCULTURE ; short for African business culture; is meant to be an organisation; which through African youth; does as it says.

An organisation by the youth; having a say and hand in shaping their Africa. That is advising all stakeholders (government, business; citizens; youth; parents etc) of what is needed to take Africa to that African owned prosperity.

We are fostering a business culture where business becomes part of society. By having a share; in the same values and interests. Since business is based on supply meeting demand.

We are in Africa; we all know all the challenges that African faces. So; a solution to such challenges is what we value.

One of our aims it to help (especially) consumers and business realise that of supply goes beyond just supplying that demand.

Its high time consumers realise that where they spend their pennies has an effect on development. Spending on products that support development initiates speeds up development.

AFTER ALL; WE HAVE THE BUYING POWER TO AFFECT SOLID CHANGE. Believe me we have influence. Influence over what our money buys; who we make millionaire; how business behaves (social responsibility) and influence in what our parents buy.

This organisation is about everyone; the entrepreneur; employee; unemployed and underemployed etc.

It was inspired by the article below which I wrote: “FOSTERING THE AFRICAN BUSINESS CULTURE”

‘ ‘ ‘ for long we have been chasing the concept ‘westernization of Africa’. Are we wrong? No and yes. Is it then about identity? Yes. An African business culture should be a culture that progressively adopts methods that will help Africa in being a better continent. Be it we copy or not; the culture should be focused on what will be best for Africa.

Africa is the least exploited continent in the world. And at the pace we are going; that is the consolidating of our democracy and our human rights; we are with no doubt the best spot for foreign investment.

so our business culture should not only encourage increasing our GPD; but also help better our overall social status and enlighten our social responsibility: eliminating illiteracy, promoting innovation, increasing employment chances, encouraging ownership etc ’ ’ ’

Let’s embed solutions to African problems in our business models


  •  foster a culture where our challenges are packaged within demand
  • enlighten Africans; government; business and all of practical and righteous practices to develop society
  • speedy up development in all spheres of involvement and cohesion in Africa
  • bring Africa on the same footing in all trades; e.g. technology; agriculture; commerce etc
  • inspire transcendence and innovation
  •  foster a spirit of faith and tolerance in home products
  • create sustainable wealth


  • create jobs
  • Cripple illiteracy
  • foster an African owned prosperity in economics and society among the new 90% that sees wrong but does nothing.

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