Letter to My Son on How to Become Acquainted With Girls Without Acting Frivolous: Attracting A Network

How to Become Acquainted With Girls Without Acting Frivolous – This is an extract from my latest and fourth book, THE ANXIOUS ENTREPRENEUR.  It is available on AmazonApple iBookstore and Kobo.co.za.

How to Become Acquainted With Girls Without Acting Frivolous

After my stint at Bopedi Bapedi High School, I moved to St Marks College. One of my class mates was a guy named Tshepo. He was a bully to an extent, but had an impressive following and was known by virtually everyone.

He was a jerk when he needed to be and sweet when he wanted to be. He was harsh to those he didn’t like and those who didn’t like him. Actually, he was sweet to some that didn’t like him because he had figured that he’d need them someday.

What amazed me was that he had a girlfriend. I never had a girlfriend throughout most of my high school years; my first kiss was in Grade 11.

Most of the girls spoke to Tshepo nicely, including those that talked smack about him behind his back. They spoke to him nicely anyway. No one talked to me. Read more

But He is Nigerian: The Importance of Relating an Honest Scope with Clients

These points are extracted from my upcoming book The Anxious Entrepreneur.

I can build WordPress websites. It is subject to debate though. I mess around with few easy themes and manipulate them until they look awesome. I cannot really edit CSS (the design code used on WordPress websites).

The only reason I learned WordPress a bit was because I needed a website and I could not afford a web designer. This is back in 2010 or so. I have been doing this since then till 2014.

It was the era of the branding epidemic. All the branding gurus said you need a website to be taken seriously. No you don’t. Stay with this book I will show you.

There is so much bullshit out there of the things you ‘must do’ as an entrepreneur. Good bullshit and bad bullshit. Pick only the Read more