STARTUP PICNIC returns, 7th April 2018 – the coolest entrepreneurship gathering in South Africa

I am happy to announce that Startup Picnic is back. The people consistently demanded it, and here we are.

It’s on the 7th of April 2018 at the CSIR Sports & Recreation Club in Pretoria.

Use discount code/coupon #tiisetsomaloma and get 20% off on the already discounted Early Bird Tickets of R100. Purchase your tickets at This code runs until 10 March 2018 or until this coupon’s tickets run out.

Startup Picnic hosts a range of entrepreneurs, business-people, media, accelerators/incubators and various stakeholders in the South African business community.

Come relax, blow-off-steam and have fun with other entrepreneurs over braai, drinks and garden games. Read more

Smartly win people over in business through these pickup artist patterns


Quick one: Who here was ashamed of any of their body features back in primary or high school, and what was it?

I was chubby and had an ass at the start of my high school. I remember I would tuck-in loose so as to conceal it. Tucking in was strictly enforced at Bopedi Bapedi. I later realised newbies listen to everything they are told. Of course you should adhere to all codes at school.

As high school progressed, the chubbiness was fading off Read more

How I Overcame Being a Bad Networker

These points are extracted from my upcoming book The Anxious Entrepreneur.

I’m just not a good networker. I envy guys who have the skill to speak to just anyone, like my good friend Paseka Kalaku.  I suck at introducing myself to lots of people at an event.

What is to follow is how a mediocre networker like me manages more than just manage at networking.

The other night I was in Rosebank , I bumped into a good guy by the name Suede. This dude is a great connector. After greeting him I wondered why I felt gratitude towards him. I remembered that he once referred my then clothing label ‘gabble heights’ to participate in an African Fashion International event, without him knowing me personally then. The mileage from that event was awesome.

I guess Maya Angelou was right when she said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Read more

Are you un-networking?

Networking is supposed t be a maneuver wherein one links with people in one way or another; with the intention of deriving or attracting future value, through putting out information which might benefit them-people, even if you don’t directly gain. This is hard for me to explain, but I trust you get the gist of what networking is.

I’m becoming less of a terrible networker. Maybe it’s because I know how I add value to processes, businesses or people. So when you ask me what I do, I just shout how I help out where I help out.

At The Hookup Dinner a while ago (it’s a networking event for entrepreneurs ok), I heard the networking queen (Helen Nicholson) say, when you tell people of what you do, say something like: I specialize in helping businesses achieve one two three. Not her exact words, but you catch my drift. This way of explaining exudes trust, and is welcoming, and leaves room for further conversation.


This is something perhaps a lot us of do unaware. We tarnish the value we possibly possess/portray, or chances of attaining any value. Read more