What is money? Quotes defining money from the book “Money Is Biological”

This is an excerpt from my book “Money is Biological: Exploring Money’s Emergence, Evolution, Innovation, and Future.” It’s available on Amazon.

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  1. Money is the neuron in the converse of transacting – i.e., innovation to consumption.
  2. Money is an innovation or invention enabled by biology’s human psychology, as all manmade innovations are.
  3. Money is a biological construct, just like a chair or an aeroplane, innovated by humans with their unique biological psychology. Chairs and aeroplanes are also biological constructs.
  4. Similar to how a chair or an aeroplane has utility for humans, money serves as a utility and addresses fascinating biological problems arising from man’s biological ingenuity in inventing multiplicity. These intriguing problems involve men’s psycho-biological ability to progressively and accumulatively innovate diverse utilities, oftentimes of novelty – with money emerging as the solution for trading those innovations.