TOWNSHIP BIZ ADJACENT (A book by Tiisetso Maloma)

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This booklet offers a never-before-seen analysis of the billions-worth township economy – including the rural areas and the ghettos – applying the Adjacent Possible theory.

The book purports that the billions generating townships are a goldmine that now, unlike before, is favourable and ready to be mined by young black startup entrepreneurs, especially those dealing in B2C (Business to Consumer) and FCMG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products.

The booklet shows that understanding the economics of townships through the Adjacent Possible theory can help us innovate and create suitable products that townships consumers can support virally and continuously, i.e. products that are adjacent to townships consumer behaviour and consumption metrics.

Its premise is that townships are an Economic Cyclone, (a concept to be explained later in the book). It expands on this concept and explains why young black township entrepreneurs are favourably adjoined to this mammoth cyclone of opportunity.

The Adjacent Possible theory has its genesis in evolutionary biology and was coined by Dr Stuart A. Kauffman.