The Two Most Important Quotes in Marketing – One is Obviously By the Late Maya Angelou: Becoming an Authority and Expert in Customers’ Eyes

I am selling. You are selling. Or you probably want to sell something – now or in the near future.

And we want people to buy from us when we sell, obviously.

To whom do people give their money? They give their money to those they perceive, believe and accept as experts – or authority – in fields they need help in. They pay these people to solve their problems, wants, frustrations and failures.

So then, we should and do want people to think we are an authority – and/or experts – in our given fields.

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Avoid these expressions and gestures in order to win business people over – as cautioned by pickup artists

Here is what I did. I wrote a post titled How to Win People Over in Business through Pickup Artist Patterns. Check it out. I later figured since pickup artists are clinical readers of social dynamics (women or men for that matter), they would know what social cure gestures to avoid in order to be effective when engaging any audience in person.

The same points could possibly apply to networking or presentations.

I got on the net, looked for ‘points to avoid’ and to my luck I found ‘25 points’ curated by Tyler Durden (Owen Cook). I selected those which would serve the purpose for this post.

The text in ITALICS is quoted.

You do not have to agree with all the points, I agree with most of them, some in certain cases. See this as information brought up for your selective benefit and choose what you think can improve you.

(1).          Fidgety movements and tight shoulders

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Smartly win people over in business through these pickup artist patterns


Quick one: Who here was ashamed of any of their body features back in primary or high school, and what was it?

I was chubby and had an ass at the start of my high school. I remember I would tuck-in loose so as to conceal it. Tucking in was strictly enforced at Bopedi Bapedi. I later realised newbies listen to everything they are told. Of course you should adhere to all codes at school.

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