Speaking (masterclasses, keynote address)

  • Tackling entrepreneurship in South Africa
  • Understanding innovation and entrepreneurship through an evolutionary perspective
  • Tackling intrapreneurship to grow innovation and create jobs
  • Township Entrepreneurship: Innovative solutions and taking advantage of the billion Rands township economy (Tiisetso Maloma authored Township Biz Fastrack and Township Biz Adjacent)
  • Understanding Industrial Revolutions

Packaged workshops

  • Business Me Young: Elaborate stories of understanding entrepreneurship (tailored for 16 years plus youth)
  • Business Me 101: Elaborate stories of understanding entrepreneurship (tailored for anyone)


Please have a conversation with us on the following areas:

  • Product development/creation (per the EBC Business Model components: Product, Marketing, Distribution and Cash Flow)
  • Tackling entrepreneurship development (rural, townships and urban)
  • Intrapreneurship implementation and product idea execution
  • General entrepreneurship coaching (one on one sessions)
  • Innovation and Industrial Revolutions
  • Business planning through an evolutionary lens (hear what an evolutionary lens says about your business planning)

Writing services

  • Technical writing
  • Speech writing