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This small book guides you on how to start any business venture simply and easily – and without the big capital or the funding you think you need.

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Presenting Ubuntu Stoicism – meditating stoically with African Proverbs

I was stressed. My heart was strained. I don’t know if I could have got a heart attack. But I imaged such stresses could do such. I felt it.

My strain was caused by, well, a disagreement with a work colleague. They could have been wrong. I could have been wrong. What strained me more was that the situation might have forced me to go the court route.

Anyway, I was stressed by that and everything.

Everything always piles up.

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Celebrity Business Class: DJ Zinhle Becomes Equity Owner In French Wine Brand Boulevard Nectar Rosé (Analysis Per the Convenience Metrical Interest Method)

DJ Zinhle – Ntombezinhle Jiyane – last week announced that she has become an equity owner in French-owned Boulevard wine, and that she is the new CEO.

I had never heard of Boulevard before this announcement – well because I don’t know a lot of things.

Certainly, I have never heard of a local South African celebrity acquiring ownership shares in an international company – or even a local one and or on that scale.

I remember in 2018 she was the South African celebrity partner for Jamie Foxx’s sunglass brand, Privé Revaux. Beautiful sunglasses they make.

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Why the Next Billionaires Should Come From Townships: Township Biz Adjacent Book

 [This article’s points are taken from my fifth book Township Biz Adjacent (newly updated) and it is available in all bookstores nationwide.]

I call townships an ECONOMIC CYCLONE.


The population keeps growing and will keep growing.

This means money-making.

Because they will keep needing basic goods and particularly FMCG products (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), e.g. nappies, bread, electricity, airtime, clothes, entertainment.

Corporate South Africa has been making billions in townships forever.

‘Soweto has a R34 billion consumption and a population of 2.2 million people. Tembisa has R20.4 billion and Soshanguve has R19 billion,’ says a Fraym analysis of granular retail spending data (2019) over the past ten years.

It’s time township entrepreneurs challenged Corporate South Africa.

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Why Joe Rogan is a Billionaire

[The Anxious Entrepreneur and Forget the Business Plan are available on]

– –

As we’ve heard, Joe Rogan’s exclusive multiyear deal with Spotify will see the company pay him about $100 million for an exclusive licensing of his podcast.

This is according to The Wall Street Journal, an anonymous source (theirs), and a calculation of the podcast’s performance metrics.

I think it is more than $100 million per year.

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17 THINGS BROKE ENTREPRENEURS DO: Chronicles of Struggling (Succeeding) Entrepreneurs: The Underworld of Startups

(Re-edited 2015 article)

All my books are available in bookstores (Exclusive Books, Bargain Books and They are Township Biz Fastrack, Forget the Business, The Anxious Entrepreneur and Tales of an African Entrepreneur.


The fridge was empty. I swore to myself that the following day I would hustle like I never did before. I don’t know why but the implication of an empty fridge hurts more than not eating the actual food. This can’t be 3rd world problems, can it?

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365 THINGS YOUTH #3. Figuring out how to do things on your own

As I said in the previous post, people want someone else to show them how to open an email account. Ask Google for that.

Figure out how to do things on your own.

These have benefits. It teaches you how to research. The best knowledge will not come from school, a mentor or someone showing you how to do something. It will come from you doing stuff on your own and consulting other none human sources (the internet or books) first before a person.

It teaches self-reliance. You become competent to solve your own problems – if you can solve your own problems then you can solve other people’s problems. Solving problems is a skill someone can pay your for.

Importantly, it makes you a better student. When you test things on your own, you discover things/tools and new ways of doing things. Then you can go ask someone else to help you, you can uplift them with what you discovered on your own.

When the teacher feels uplifted, they reveal a lot more knowledge.

365 THINGS YOUTH #2. You need to have an email address, and you need to know how to send a proper email

Don’t be caught saying:

  • “I do not have an email address.”
  • “I haven’t checked my emails in a while.”

You have to:

  • Check your emails 3 times a day: At least in the morning, afternoon and at 4 PM – if not later.
  • An email has a heading and body.
  • No fucken shorthand typing.
  • And use proper grammar. Use Grammarly. Do not ask what it is. Find out for yourself. 

Oh, and an email address has to be clean: is better than

MBA and chartered accountant led corporate South Africa has failed to innovate products and thus failed to create jobs

We were grooving at Thibo Cafe in Mamelodi. A beautiful and bald-headed lady approached us. She said this to my friend Tshiamo: “The way you dance makes me horny. And you are nicely dressed, Sir.”

She went back to her table.

The topic as hand here is something I’ve been wondering about. It seems to me corporate South Africa has a group think and their groupthink is status per these mentioned qualifications.

The outcome is that since democratic South Africa they have failed to produce globally consumed innovations.

This is inspite of South Africa being the biggest economy in Africa for many years until Nigeria took over.

We do not have a Tesla. We do not have any proprietary lead in manufacturing like China, Turkey or Vietnam. We’ve been falling off.

There is no economic growth because we are not producing anything interesting and useful that the world wants.

Let me rant.

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Advantages brought by COVID-19 for small businesses and economic growth

Perhaps one of the earliest good stories for startups and small businesses in South Africa in the lockdown was the grocery delivery app getting R30 million funding from an ‘unnamed’ JSE listed company.

I was happy that a South African company – or a JSE listed company – invested in a local company with a black founder, well, because, corporate South Africa has scared money. 

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