How Africa can create jobs and wealth in the 4IR: African Corporations should innovate vertically Like Tesla and Zara | Innovate The Next book

African Corporations should vertically innovate like Tesla and Zara to achieve proprietary and material novel innovation, and thus lead competitively, become wealthy and create jobs

This post is inspired by the findings in my latest two books (6th and 7th): ‘Innovate the Next: Success Frameworks to Innovating Products in Any Revolution’ and ‘Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution & Innovation Easily.’ They are available on Amazon, in South African bookstores, and on my website.

Elon Musk is indeed the man of the current Industrial Revolution in terms of producing exponential proprietary technology. His companies, if not all – the case being Space X and Tesla – manufacture and assemble most of their components in-house.

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How to innovate like Elon Musk | Vertical Innovation and First Principle Thinking – A free chapter from Innovate the Next book

This is an article on how to innovate Elon Musk through the application of Vertical Innovation and First Principle Thinking.

How to innovate like Elon Musk

This is a free chapter from my 7th book entitled ‘Innovate the Next: Success Frameworks to Innovating Products in Any Revolution.’ It is available on Amazon, in South African bookstores, and on my website.

I described novel innovation as arange between material discovery novelty and proprietary novelty.

I thought it would be learner friendly, in a playful manner, to elaborate on this concept by using, as example, the man of the moment, Elon Musk, and his bold innovations over the years.

My assertion is that his innovation manoeuvres are technically adoptable.

To reflect this, I will trail three of his founded companies – Paypal, Space X and The Boring Company.

I will also discuss Tesla, with which he first got involved as an investor, and then subsequently (as we know) he became its CEO.

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Tiisetso Maloma’s Books Launch Party: Innovate the Next and Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution & Innovation Easily

You are invited to my Books Launch Party at the Courtyard Hotel Waterfall City on 29 May 2021.

It is for the release of two books:

  1. Innovate the Next: Success Frameworks to Innovating Products in Any Revolution
  2. Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution & Innovation Easily

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Book cover reveal: A flying Tesla on Mars, book cover illustration of ‘Innovate The Next,’ by Tiisetso Maloma

Press Release by Maloma Content

Press release by Maloma Content

The cover to Tiisetso Maloma’s upcoming 7th book features a flying Tesla CyberTruck on planet Mars.

The title of the book is ‘Innovate The Next: Success Frameworks to Innovating Products in Any Revolution.’ It comes out on the 10th of May 2021.

Maloma is an entrepreneur, author and innovation enthusiast.

“I love the CyberTruck so much that it has been my WhatsApp profile picture for two years now. Featuring a leading 4IR innovation such as a Tesla, sampling it with flying abilities and placing it Mars, seems fitting to the book’s title and teaching,” says Tiisetso.

Just last week, Elon Musk – the founder and CEO of Tesla and Space X – was on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He explained the science behind going to Mars and shared release updates of the Cybertruck.

Musk said production for the bulletproof vehicle begins this year minimally.

Tiisetso says the book shows both entrepreneurs and employees how to hone novel skills that will allow them to become creators of never seen before products in any industrial revolution.

“In 2018, after I released my fifth book, Township Biz Adjacent, I indulged in studying the evolution of biological and manmade innovations. I present here frameworks to comfortably understand how innovation unfolds and evolves. They make it easy to understand 4IR technologies. You can in a sense see into the future with them.”

Tiisetso will release two books on 10 May 2020,i.e. ‘Innovate The Next,’ and another entitled ‘Understanding the Fourth Industrial Revolution & Innovation Easily.’ He is known for his two popular books, The Anxious Entrepreneur and Forget the Business Plan Use this Short Model.

Tesla still does not ship to South Africa. In 2019, Elon Musk tweeted that export duties make it hard to ship to South Africa.

The upcoming books are available for pre-order through Amazon and Tiisetso’s website. The previous books are available in South African bookstores and on Amazon.

As an entrepreneur, Tiisetso founded Maloma Content Publishers, Bula Buka, Startup Picnic, Gabble Heights Clothing and eKhaya Moji. He also speaks at entrepreneurship events and has given lectures at Wits Business School and Johannesburg Business School.

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Maloma is a South African author and serial entrepreneur.

His books include Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution & Innovation Easily, The Anxious Entrepreneur, Forget the Business Plan, Township Biz Fastrack, Township Biz Adjacent and Tales of an African Entrepreneur.

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Johannesburg Business School invites you to Tiisetso Maloma’s Township Biz Adjacent book discussion, 17 November 2020, via Zoom

The Centre for Entrepreneurship within the Johannesburg Business School cordially invites you to a discussion with Tiisetso Maloma about his new book Township Biz Adjacent.

The book states that it is now easier for black entrepreneurs to obtain a huge stake in the multi-billion Rand worth township economy.

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