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This is a continuation of the topic below on ‘BRANDING TODAY; TOMORROW AND SURVIVING. As we have said; your product has to be part of society. It needs to bring transcendence.

Society’s trends keep evolving and changing. Your product needs to do just that; and have a sense of bringing development/improvement in society.

RELEVANCE. This is a concept that is widely preached. Lot of product/brand drivers are aware and are in use of this concept “RELEVANCE”.

We trust this little article will give you an edge over others and enlightens you on the subject in a refreshed manner. Take relevance as a basic and standard in your business.

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Branding today, tomorrow and surviving

Products and consumers. Obviously there has to be a relationship between the two; a special relationship; magical and well thought out interaction.

And then; you have a given society with its interest; expectations and values. Read into those; find a way in which your product will participate and interact (no just sales) with that society.

Always; be predictive and futuristic. What we mean here is; please and exceed expectations. 1 or 2 steps ahead are beneficial. While 3 steps ahead has little relationship to profits.

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Starting the organisation AFRI BIZ CULTURE

AFRIBIZCULTURE ; short for African business culture; is meant to be an organisation; which through African youth; does as it says.

An organisation by the youth; having a say and hand in shaping their Africa. That is advising all stakeholders (government, business; citizens; youth; parents etc) of what is needed to take Africa to that African owned prosperity.

We are fostering a business culture where business becomes part of society. By having a share; in the same values and interests. Since business is based on supply meeting demand.

We are in Africa; we all know all the challenges that African faces. So; a solution to such challenges is what we value. Read more

Softening Africa up (part 1)

We are popular for our rich minerals ores and yet still the poorest continent. Take it back to the 1950’s; and bring it back to today (2010); we are still the historical underdog. We have less to show for our garden’s produces.

Remember the ‘opium wars’ between China and England caused by England refusing to trade their gold reserves (stolen) for china’s tea; opting to trade opium (drug) instead. Yet Africa’s GDP in 2010 still relies on exporting raw mineral ores.

So why is it that Europe and America; who don’t have that much mineral ores still the world’s economic leaders? The answer t is what I call ‘soft product innovations’. That is software; gadgets; clothing etc.

China and Japan have got the best of all trades; manufacturing, assembly and technological innovations. Its high time Africa consolidates its efforts and catch up.  Imagine the millions of Rands that leave Africa through international clothing brands.

These are the times to be exploring those innovative ideas. Mighty is experience mixed with inexperience! Young kids have ideas; and the experienced know how put together the script.

(Part two to follow)

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What brand Africa means to me

Brand Africa to me is about Africa, her features, character, her children and most importantly her future. Brand Africa is concentrated efforts aimed at marketing Africa through her strengths, thus remedying her weaknesses and strengthening her vulnerabilities.

It’s the attitude that each and every African should carry. A concept which I think all African children need to be made aware of at an early age. (founders Brand Africa) says brand Africa is: “is an African brand-driven initiative to proactively drive Africa’s reputation, image and competitiveness”.

Poverty, human rights violations, religious wars, corruption, precious minerals, diversity, racism; are some of the issues synonymous with the continent. And we know which need to be eliminated and which harnessed.

We need to make this brand Africa not only desirable to the foreign world, but importantly to us Africans. My dream is for Africa to have its own business culture. We have chased westernization of Africa and in the process forgot that, like the western world, we too can and should contribute in elevating world standards and innovations.