“This is the best innovation class I’ve attended and I know I now can innovate.” Thabang Makola (attendee).

We all want to experience our work careers, academic and community life as innovative contributors.

The insights from the masterclass will give you ideas on how to excel at the three spheres endlessly.

We all can agree that to master and understand anything, one has to understand how it forms, unfolds and evolves. Read more

Event (05/03/2022): Tiisetso Maloma’s Innovation Class: An Evolutionary Understanding of Industrial Revolutions With A View To Innovate Products


Can you use your knowledge of Industrial Revolutions and Innovation to innovate in your organisation?

If not, come to Tiisetso Maloma’s Innovation Class.

This simplified and tailored 4-hour masterclass gives a retrospective, comprehensive and applicable understanding of how innovation and Industrial Revolutions evolve (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) – i.e. an evolutionary perspective. Read more